(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

4th of November 1941

- There had been discussion with the Hanko Group artillery commander Major Vähätupa about the possibilities of directing artillery fire from air. This was especially important to get the artillery to hit to the Hanko harbour, to where our ordinary land observation and fire control could not see. 

- On 4th of November 1941 our squadron went into action. We had agreed with the artillery that certain codes would be used and that in case that the enemy fighters and AA-guns would try to disturb the fire control plane, the artillery would also fire to the airfield in Täktom and to the AA-guns. 

- This flight was performed between 14:35 and 16:30 o'clock. The actual fire control mission was performed in the altitude of 3000 to 4000 meters in the southwest area of Hanko Cape and from the direction of sun. The communication from the plane went to the radio station and from there through the phone lines to the artillery positions. Lieutenant Euramo performed the actual fire control mission successfully. The enemy fighters did not try to stop his plane. 

- A storage building near of the Hanko harbour received a direct hit and a huge fire erupted. Information later received from prisoners indicated that the fire had destroyed 30 tons of naphtha. Directing artillery fire from a single seat plane had proven success on a first try and the Hanko Group was very pleased. 

Commander of Section Hanko: Captain Kullervo Lahtela.

201, Picture 1

- The structure 201 cannot be found from the area to where it has been marked in the fortification map. The structure was a dressing station. It might be that the dressing station has been located further away from here, in the area where dugout remains can be still found. Also the farmhouses in the area could have acted as a dressing station.

201, Picture 2

- There is at least one pit in the area, which would look like a dugout remains. If that is a dugout remains, it is way too small for a dressing station.

201, Picture 3

- The same remains seen closer. The pit has overgrown nearly completely.

Dressing station in 1941

- Dressing station in 1941. (Picture: The Finnish Defence Forces. Published 1942 in a book Hangö Belägras)


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