(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

29th of November 1941

- Björkholmen was a gloomy sight, as the island was completely devastated by a artillery fire. There probably wasn’t a single intact tree in the whole island. While occupying Björkholmen, the troops didn’t notice any enemy in Vrakholmen, but when our troops occupied the island during the next day, they could observe that the enemy without a doubt had been in Vrakholmen, when our troops landed to Björkholmen. Most likely the enemy evacuated the island only few hours before the troops from Section Vanne attacked to the island.

Corporal H. Hartella and Major L. Henriksson.

Trench line, Picture 1

 - This trench line section is located more in a Leksvall area, than in Vitsand. The distance to the city of Tammisaari is only some 5 kilometers. The trench line starts from the Leksvall road and continues towards the railroad, where it follows it towards Hanko. It is in a very good shape and rather massive, when compared to some areas in the actual Harparskog-line. Few dugout remains can be seen near the road, if you continue your way towards Hanko. This trench line is also shown in one of the fortification maps in the history of Hanko Group, which can be found from the Military Archives of Finland. According to that map, several defensive lines were planned and build to Hanko Cape, behind of the main defensive line, which went in the level of Skogby - Harparskog and Vitsjön in the Hanko Cape.

Trench line, Picture 2

- Trench line here has survived remarkably well.


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