(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

29th of November 1941

- Björkholmen was heavily mined and a lot of landmines, which had been disguised as a piece of wood, were found from the island. Luckily these mines did not cause any casualties for our troops, but we did loose six men to our own mines in Koholmen. The men had moved away from a cleared path at 08:50, after coming under a Russian artillery fire. First Class Private A. Mannonen and Private M. Laakso were killed and two other men were wounded seriously and two only lightly. Only one of the men belonged to the Section Vanne, which was in a reconnaissance mission to Björkholmen and Vrakholmen. The other two men belonged to the medics.

Corporal H. Hartella and Major L. Henriksson.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 1

- The old main road in and out of Hanko. Today most of the traffic goes in the new Hanko - Hyvinkää road. The anti-tank obstacles are right next to the road and can be seen on the right side of the picture. The other structures in the area of Vitsand are located within one to two kilometers.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 2

- Remains from the mining job, which has been performed in the area, to construct the anti-tank obstacles. The obstacle line goes right next to these rather small stones, which were left lying here.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 3

- The massive stone row stops any movement in the forest.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 4

- The stone row goes towards the sea...

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 5

- ...where it finally ends.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 6

- There is also old road next to the shoreline.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 7

- The barrier across the road is attached to one of the stones from the anti-tank obstacle line with a rusted bolt.


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