(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

1st of September 1941

- On the first day of September, our radio intelligence managed to capture a message from Hanko, which showed that the moral of enemy troops was getting lower. The commander of the rental area asked transport ships from Leningrad in order to evacuate Hanko. The Russian commander however got an answer, that there were no available transport ships in Leningrad.

Corporal H. Hartella and Major L. Henriksson.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 1

- To my surprise, we also found anti-tank obstacles from this area, although these are a very modest one, when compared to the anti-tank obstacles in the Hanko Cape. Still the line of rather small stones stretches from the road to the sea. These are very small stones, so that's why we didn't spot these during the first trip to this area, but on the second trip, the quite familiar row of stones was nicely visible. These are not drawn to the fortification map, but can be spotted from the main road, right after the isthmus if you are driving to the direction of Hanko.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 2

- In the autumn time the stone row which has formed the obstacle line is fully visible and easy to spot.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 3

- The same stones during the winter time.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 4

- A bit more unique anti-tank obstacle. This is located right next to the sea and seems to resemble more of a fence, than a anti-tank obstacle. The area on top of the fence does not contain any ruins, but a trench line. The trench goes on top of this anti-tank obstacle/fence. It might be that this structure dates from a lot earlier period than from the construction of Harparskog-line, but it has certainly been a good obstacle for the Finnish defenders here. It also follows the general layout of the defensive line and on the other side of the isthmus (north), the anti-tank obstacle line continues with the familiar row of stones, which are shown in the other pictures. This strange anti-tank obstacle is located on the south side of the isthmus and is very visible from the main road.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 5

- There would seem to be a anti-tank ditch dug across the peninsula, where the structures 239 a & b are drawn to the map. At least this one is a very similar to the Russian anti-tank ditch, which they dug across the Hanko Cape, but that one is much more wider and deeper.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 6

- The rather wide construction is now covered completely with vegetation.

Anti-tank obstacles, Picture 7

- The ditch starts from the sea and ends into the sea on the other side of the peninsula. There is just no way, that it would be an ordinary ditch, as the ground level rises from the sea.


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