Fortification card



(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

June 1941 to December 1941

- The island group of Bengtsår was also within the firing area of Öby artillery. The guns, infantry weapons, dugouts and nests received accurate artillery fire from the artillery located in Öby. Most of the Bengtsår however was within the firing area of the light artillery located in Niitlahti. Here also canoe patrols were made behind the enemy lines and on those occasions the fire controllers could accurately destroy enemy and different kind of supplies and equipment. The heavy artillery in Niitlahti didn’t fire to Bengtsår, but fired mostly targets far away and especially the Tvärminne airfield.

Lieutenant L. Heiman

K.1, Picture 1

- Can you spot the entrance or the machine gun nest from the picture?

K.1, Picture 2

- Trench line, which leads to the entrance of K.1

K.1, Picture 3

- Trench line during the summer.

K.1, Picture 4

- The entrance to the interiors. Unfortunately the interiors are full of water and even the description from 1955 states so. This is a really sad thing, as everybody knows what water will do to concrete in a time, especially when it gets frozen now and then. The original structure number would appear to still be under the moss, as the white background is still barely visible from under the moss.

K.1, Picture 5

- Entrance into the structure during the summer.

K.1, Picture 6

 - Concrete peaking from under the snow. This is a rather difficult structure to identify with a hundred percent accuracy, as this one has not been placed to the map. Still when you read the description part and the fortification card for this position, I would make the conclusion that this really is K.1. Also the fact that during 1955, the map coordinates was written to the description and comparing those, would indicate that this is a correct place. Another thing that makes it a bit strange, is that this one has a separate fortification card and finally it has been written to the fortification card, that cannot be found from the map. Still this is located right next to the structure number 233.

K.1, Picture 7

- One of the two embrasures seen from the outside. The second one is located on the right side wall in the picture. It did felt a bit strange to find this machine gun nest here in the middle of nowhere. There is no summer cottages here and no houses within a few kilometers. Now the nest just stares to the important isthmus alone and forgotten. During the 1940 to 1941 this place has been full of life and action, now there is just casual passer-bys who might not even notice the nest, from under the vegetation.

K.1, Picture 8

- K.1 in its summer shape.

K.1, Picture 9

- The second embrasure is not really visible from the outside, due to the vegetation.

K.1, Picture 10

 - The concrete is starting to get a bit colour.

K.1, Picture 11

- The interiors, with the two embrasures visible and original wooden interior partly remaining.


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