Structure number: K.1



Machine gun nest.

Sector center line


State of readiness (1942)


Remark (1942)

Without a door. Partly above the ground level. Two embrasures, mountings for the machine guns wont be installed. Cannot be found from the map.

Remark (1955)

The doors are partly above the ground level. Two embrasures, mountings for the machine guns wont be installed. There is water on the floor.


This one is an interesting structure in the Harparskog-line, First of all its structure number or code is different from all the other structures and also the structure itself resembles more of a machine gun position from the First World War than from the Second one. There is still water on the floor, but it's just and just below the embrasures. The original wood reinforcements are still inside. Looking at the description from 1955, the text was just copied from the fortification card of 1942, but with error in writing, as there is no door and at least not several doors, as the description has been written in plural. This structure is also not marked to the fortification map, but I have now placed it rather accurately to the map. Also the structures from 233 can be seen right next to K.1. Still both of these have their own fortification cards and descriptions. Interestingly the strength class for K.1 has been marked IV, even when concrete has been used. Most of the other structures which have strength class IV, are just dugouts with log reinforcements. Today there is only a pit on the ground from those structures. 

Dated: ? & 28.3.1955

- The first inventory in the Harparskog-line was made in 1942, when the Finnish Defence Forces made the first fortification cards for the structures in Harparskog-line. In 1955 the structures in the defensive line were inspected once again and at that time, description part for the original fortification cards were made. The description from 1955 gives very detailed information about the structures, as there's even a full inventory what should be in the bunkers and what is missing.

- Notes are based on my own personal observations in the defensive line during the years 2005 & 2006.


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