(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland) 

29th of June 1941

- Reconnaissance flight: 29.6.1941. Time: 13:50 - 14:40.

- Observations: Reconnaissance performed to the grids H 49460, H 10940 and H 10950. No observations from enemy troops. The airfield seemed empty and there was no AA-gun fire or enemy fighters. 3 vessels spotted in the grid H 11011. Heading is 135 degrees.

Command post, Picture 1

- The thing is, that I'm not completely sure if this place has served as a command post, but certainly some activity and meaning this place has had for Harparskog-line. The nearby trench line and dugout remains confirm this. This location would suit to a command post, as from this location messages could have reached quickly all the areas, which have been fortified.

Command post, Picture 2

- The door to the cellar/command post has seen many people passing by...

Command post, Picture 3

- The roof of the cellar/command post has collapsed. Picture shows view towards the entrance.

Command post, Picture 4

- View towards backside of the structure.

Command post, Picture 5

- Backside of the cellar. Adolf Molnar in his book Teasing the encirclement of Hanko tells that in Kamsholmen the local command post was located in a potato cellar. Most likely it is a very similar structure to this one.

Command post, Picture 6

- The structure seen from a distance.

Command post, Picture 7

- One of the dugout remains near of the cellar/command post. Much has been destroyed in the area, because there is now a sandpit nearby.

Command post, Picture 8

- The same remains as in the previous picture.

Command post, Picture 9

- A short section from a trench line is still visible.

Command post, Picture 10

- The trench line leads to a small pit, which still has some wooden frame remaining.

Command post, Picture 11

- Close up to the pit. The wooden frame is visible nearly in the middle of the picture.

Command post, Picture 12

- The main road in the area, which was also used by the troops constructing and mining the structures for Harparskog-line in this area.


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