(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

6th of April 1942

- Now as the Hanko Group ceases to be, I want to thank all those who have been part of the Group. Mostly I want to thank those brave men, who while carrying out their task gave their lives. To their fathers, mothers and children may the God give comfort in their great sacrifice. Let my gratitude be heard by those who were wounded and disabled.

- I want to thank for my commanders and Chief of Staff from the support that they gave to me. I also want to express my gratitude to all of the staffs, units and supply formations. The cooperation of different parts has brought beautiful results. I want to thank the Raasepori and Salo lotta organization and Salo and Raasepori lotta districts for all their help that they have given to the Hanko Group. I also want to thank the Welfare Organization of Coastal Soldiers from their self-sacrificing work of entertaining the Hanko Group.

- Without naming anyone particularly, I want to thank each of the officers, non-commissioned officers, men, lotta and canteen workers who have been part of the Hanko Group. I hope that the job well done will give them inner satisfaction.

- The Hanko Group is no more. Its memory will live on. Let the blue crossed flag of free Finland always flutter in Hanko. 

Commander of Hanko Group: Colonel Eino R. Koskimies.

465, Picture 1

- Clear defensive positions can be found from the area, to which structure 465 has been marked in the map. All of the positions in the area points towards the planned firing direction. There is about two or three remains.

465, Picture 2

- All of the positions are in a bad shape and nearly erased by the time.

465, Picture 3

- The same structure as in the previous picture. This structure has been also build next to a rock, which has offered at least one sturdy wall. 

465, Picture 4

- The rock, which is in the area has offered also places, which would have been suited as defensive positions.


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