(Teasing the encirclement of Hanko, Adolf Molnár) 

3rd of August 1941

- On the left side of the breakwater, there are few white and brown boats. The crew of those has spread out to take cover in the nearby area. Only the fallen volunteer lies alone on the shore. The Russian artillery fire still continues without showing any signs of easing, but we feel safe near the shore. It seems that the Russians seems to be lacking intelligence, because they are still firing the area, which was emptied a long time ago. Few grenades drop into the harbour, like the Russians would like to make a statement that the war is still continuing. But we know that without them telling it to us. 

- We walk to the shore and I look for the last time to the calm face of Söderholm. Not a single feature in his face has changed, his face is calm like always, not pain or fear has changed that. The end came quickly. Goodbye Söderholm! 

- During the night we ask from Edh more information how Söderholm died. Edh tells that he was standing right next to Söderholm, talking and having a cigarette pause. Edh started to walk away and suddenly heard a grenade coming, Söderholm was standing within ten meters from him when the grenade exploded and Söderholm flew in the air, with arms spread out. The grenade must have landed right next to his feet.

238, Picture 1

- This huge pit most likely is all that remain from the accommodation dugout 238.

238, Picture 2

- The edges and stones, which were used to reinforce the position are still visible after all these years.


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