Fortification card



(Teasing the encirclement of Hanko, Adolf Molnár) 

3rd of August 1941

- Let the forest burn, in ten years that spot is again growing and after fifty years, it's all over, but if we are very unlucky, it could be over for us in five minutes. Despite of our grumbling we again start to fight against the flames, but finally I give up and say goodbye to Sundquist and to Moustgaard. I head to the shore where 2nd Lieutenant Asplund and Sergeant Major Hallman stand. I walk to the 2nd Lieutenant to ask that where is everybody else, does he expect that three men can stop the island from burning? 

- Asplund stares at me through his glasses, looking surprised. Who here talks about extinguishing the flames? The flames must be let to burn the forest. It's an order from Captain Herrgård! There is no need to burden the men like this, using them as a fire brigade. That is exactly what the Russians want.

- Hallman has a nasty cut on his upper arm, a fragment from grenade has cut it. Otherwise Kamsholmen has not suffered too much, only one casualty and five wounded. The Russian artillery is not firing very wisely to a specific area, which would have some meaning, but instead they just pick an area and fire everything they got to that place. We retreat behind the red house and sat down. Near of us is the "harbour", meaning a five meter long breakwater to which stones has been piled in a random pattern.

236, Picture 1

 - The most familiar sight in the unfinished constructions.

236, Picture 2

- The main entrance into the position has been mined ready.

236, Picture 3

- This is not a second entrance, but a sector for the machine gun, which would have fired towards the island of Storholmen. Sadly the whole position has been covered very effectively with dead branches and leafs. This is the most badly damaged from the three structures where the mining job has advanced quite far and it would seem that only the concrete work is missing. There wont be much left from this position as years go by.

236, Picture 4

- More stones from construction. Unfortunately there was no way anymore to take a clear picture of the whole position due to the filling of it and because nature has also covered the position quite well.


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