Fortification card



(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

August 1941 to September 1941

- The strength of the explosions was enormous in the rocky island. The artillery strike was so surprising, that single men were running around the shore, trying to find cover. They were shouting like mad, but in vain, as there were explosions all over the island. The result from these kinds of artillery strikes where all of the guns fired simultaneously, was devastating and the moral effect was great. The Russians who previously had moved in their islands rather freely, became were careful after these strikes.

- It feels that there were many more losses in men, than previously when we had been firing just one single target area. Pre-planned artillery strike was more useful than had been thought in advance. The result from these strikes was surprising for me as a fire controller.

Lieutenant Wallius

234, Picture 1

- Stones left from the mining job.

234, Picture 2

- The thing, which is so eye catching from the road, that you cannot surely miss this one, is the massive hill of stones. The pile of stones is all that remains from the construction work. This one is also the best preserved from the three accommodation bunkers in the area, which were not completed.

234, Picture 3

- All that was finished from 234. The main road in the area is visible in the upper right corner.

234, Picture 4

- A bunker for a half-platoon was planned to this location.

234, Picture 5

- Vegetation hasn't gotten a full grip on the structure yet.

234, Picture 6

- Looking at the construction from the ground level. During the autumn the position is not suitable for walking if you do not plan to carry a fishing boots, because the bottom is covered in water.

234, Picture 8

- There is a wide construction in the foreground of the position. This leads right next to the position, but as the present road has been improved so many times after 1940's, it's now hard to say how much has been destroyed from the other constructions, near of the accommodation bunker. Still on top of the construction, there are original barbed wire remains, so not every small detail is destroyed and forgotten into the history books. It does feel strange to watch these constructions nearly in the middle of nowhere, now forgotten and abandoned here.

234, Picture 7

- The same wide path to the construction from a different angle.

234, Picture 9

- Barbed wire still remains on top of the construction.


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