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(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

August 1941 to December 1941

- On 8th of August submarine Vetehinen was patrolling and made a torpedo attack against an enemy transport ship in the north-west area of Pakri Cape. No hits to the ship were observed.

- When the enemy was evacuating Hanko, our submarines were patrolling in the waters between Helsinki and Tallinn. Their purpose was to attack against the enemy convoys. Submarines were out in the sea several times between 30th of November to 4th of December. On the morning hours of 3rd of December submarine Vetehinen fired few torpedoes against a big a transport ship, in the north side of the Tallinnankivi. There were no hits from these torpedoes however. 

Lieutenant Commander T. Peltola

232, Picture 1

- Stones are piled right next to the construction. Looking how the finished accommodation bunkers have been done in the area of Harparskog, these would have been used to form the stone paving for the roof and walls. Now these just gather moss on top of them, without anyone needing them anymore. 

232, Picture 2

- Near of the position, there are still remains from the trench line and perhaps from firing positions.

232, Picture 3

- Same position as above, picture just taken from a different angle. As you can see, this one is located nearly in the shoreline.

232, Picture 4

- All that was completed from the construction 232.

232, Picture 5

- The edge of the construction seems to have collapsed a bit. Generally speaking the edge contained a huge amount of loose stones, which made walking there a bit difficult.

232, Picture 6

- A closer view to the entrance. There is an interesting depression on the left side, to which concrete has been used.

232, Picture 7

- Today the structure 232 resembles more of a swimming pool, than accommodation bunker.

232, Picture 8

- The whole structure.

232, Picture 9

- Exit.

232, Picture 10

- Entrance into the position. The smell was something terrible here, as the water has remained in the position perhaps all through the years, decaying everything that drops into it. Still the entrance has been nearly completed into the accommodation bunker and almost the only thing, which is missing, is the actual concrete work.


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