(History of the Hanko Group, T-22005, Military Archives of Finland)

7th of November 1941

- The losses after five days in air combat above the Hanko area was 2 own planes against 3 Russian planes. This ratio wasn't good at all, because the plane ratio at the start was 8 own planes against 20 Russian planes. This kind of loss ratio resulted a careful analysis also in other places than just in our own Section Hanko or in our squadron.

- On 7th of November I received new order. The nature of the original order had been an offensive one, but now this order was changed to a defensive one. Section Hanko was given a task to stop any enemy planes from flying out from the encirclement. Additionally we were to contact the Brewster section, which had arrived to Malmi airfield and cooperate with them. This order was carried out on 10th of November when I discussed with them, about the future operations.

- Taking in account our previous experiences from the enemy activity over Hanko, this new order meant, that there would be a very little action for us. Additionally the flying weather started to get much worse at this time too, which reduced any chance of enemy activity in the air even more.

- The spirit of Section Hanko however had not been reduced at all, even when the heavy losses, which we had taken within a short period of time, did dishearten us a bit.

Commander of Section Hanko: Captain Kullervo Lahtela.

202, Picture 1

- Structure 202, which has survived excellently in the forest. As it has been build partly to the rock, erosion hasn't been able to consume the edges and thus it is still very visible in the forest.

202, Picture 2

- The entrance is still visible to the position.

202, Picture 3

- Even when the fortification maps do seem to be very correct, it is always surprising to actually find the positions, especially from some remote locations.

202, Picture 4

- The road, which leads to the shores of the Vitsand area.

202, Picture 5

- An old bucket lies next to the road.

202, Picture 6

- Hanko - Hyvinkää railroad goes nearby. The nearby area of the railway crossing contains many dugout remains and the structure 202 isn't far away either. Today the Hanko - Hyvinkää road goes right next to the railroad, but in 1940's, the easiest way to transport troops and supplies to this location has been with the train, as the Hanko - Hyvinkää road didn't exist then. The road, which crosses the railroad, was here already in 1940's, marked as a vehicle path in the map.


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